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I’m from Matamata, in the Waikato. My family are farmers. It’s very beautiful there. I think it informs my aesthetic. My mum has four sisters and in the 50s and 60s, nana would make them all a new dress every month for dances. Nana was really creative, too — she had a hat shop in town, before she was married. They had all these dressmaking patterns, which I’m still obsessed with and collect.

used to make clothes by hand, as a child, and I’d make jewellery and accessories with my friends and my mum. I started sewing on Mum’s sewing machine as a teenager — reworking vintage and being a rebel. I made ball dresses in the 90s for my friends.

One of my best friends’ big sister said, ‘Wow, she could be a clothes designer!’ It had never crossed my mind. But then I won a fashion competition and thought, maybe I could? I started to realise I was creative-minded and drawn to art and music and popular culture.

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