Greatest Friend - Natural Fibre & Vintage pop up In-store this weekend.

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Photos by Greta Van Der Star
Models Mya Marie and Lucia 

We asked Angela Winter Means of our favourite vintage store Greatest Friend to share some of her cool stories.

Where did you grow up?

Angela Winter Means - "I'm still mastering the growing up part of life, but I was born in the wild Manawatu"


Was there a piece from your childhood that you really loved?

"My childhood was all about being a boy. I loved going shirtless in shorts. Even though I was sewing my own clothes from age ten, my mommy dearest was so controlling that I never liked anything she would let me make. After that it was all black leather vests and white velvet dresses" 


How did you end up selling / collecting/ styling vintage?

"I started making clothes out of vintage fabrics as a teenager in Wellington after working for Rae Carroll after school in Whanganui in the 80’s. I was kicked out of home and getting into boys, music and boozing . I then left New Zealand and toured with SUNN0))) who were very inspiring in following your dream no matter the frequency.  I left to make underwear.... in looking for inspo I found so much amazing historic clothing that I just started reselling. Etsy had just started and I had a friend who made videos for them,  so I was one of their first sellers and I did something the others weren't doing - curating collections and telling stories. The styling followed naturally but selling is my fave; I don't collect, I unleash"

  When did you move back to NZ? "April fools day 2017" 


How did you meet Kristine?

 "A mutual friend Mitch Marks said she knew someone I'd love - and Kristine being the babe she is got on board with that - Mitch is that kind of woman who's always creating community and laughing. She's extremely clever and an excellent speller"


 Tell us about your store on Waiheke Island ?

 "It's a couple of shipping containers right now with a lovely lawn out front but hopefully I will move into a bigger space soon. I'm the only vintage seller there right now. I want to open more than 4 days a week too but that will come with summer. It's all natural fibres and  mint condition with a strong curation - a vibe and a story that can be anyones really but no care for brands just style. I favour home sewn stuff and timeless silhouettes. The racks evolve like chameleons creepin... with  Miss Crabb Bazaar the latest edition"


Where do you source your pieces? What do you like about Vintage?

 "I source mainly through my USA connections;  I sold there for ten years - I was doing shows in LA and NY there so can source pretty much anything from my peers. I'm from a poor family and this game is not for anyone wanting to make bank so I buy stuff that needs attention and fix it up - now locals on Waiheke are bringing me stuff too - theres so much clothing out there. Its a bummer how much synthetic fibre is in NZ and design features that date fast because of that I like to travel to source - although I'm super conscious of the carbon emissions so I don't take it lightly and plan well. I have a trip to Mexico coming up.


I love vintage because its sometimes so out there. I love the rare value -  I love the thrill of the hunt and the quality of the craftsmanship and textiles I find"


 For more info check out her website.

Miss Crabb Bazaar is also now available at her beautiful store on Waiheke Island