It ain't all about the pressies!

Posted by Kristine Crabb on

In the spirit of spreading the love and celebrating the joy of the holiday season we will be sharing some Christmas inspiration from a few of our favourite Miss Crabb ladies. 
Beginning this series is Laura Barton, our New General Manager. 
Welcome Laura! We are so thrilled to have you here x
I'm a hopeless romantic. I find this time of year to be magical. I find it beautiful and inspiring to change locations, whether that's heading back home to Matamata or going on holiday, and hopefully spending time with those I have missed and have come from far and wide. It's a time of year we all look forward to, both for dressing up and for relaxing. The whimsical summer holiday wardrobe... You can be someone different or your true self. It's a time of comfort for me, as I'm lucky to have such a wonderful family... I can head home to the country then to the spectacular Coromandel. Whatever you choose to wear, surround yourself with wonderful people. Love more. Peace.